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Marko Law

I'm an attorney in Detroit, Michigan, and I got to give a shout out to Paul because his team, him and his team have done so much for my marketing. I went from being the bottom of the barrel on marketing to the number one searched attorney in the Detroit metropolitan area for my practice areas. I couldn't have done it without Paul he's responsive. I hit him up at six in the morning, five in the morning, his time he always gets back with me. He does what it takes to succeed for his client. I cannot highly recommend Paul and his team.



Dr. Mark LaBeau

Communicating the uniqueness of my medical practice has always been a challenge. Paul & Christian at Hashtag Smart Marketing have literally helped "pulled out all the stops" in order to get my message through. Now people can easily see, through a artistic combination of text & video's, exactly what I have to offer. They even helped me design my business card with a QR code that links directly to my website. Thank You Hashtag Smart Marketing!

Dr. Mark


Nancy Beyda Midwifery

They were a dream to work with - created an amazing website that was exactly what I was looking for. I recommend them highly!



Better Health Chiropractic

I have so many things to take care of always. So when I trusted Honorable Marketing with all my digital advertising it took a HUGE weight off my shoulders. Paul and his team have truly made life less stressful and also improved my bottom line. I would highly recommend them to any company! Huge ROI

Dr Jon


Stengler Center for Integrative Medicine

Paul and Christian have completely exceeded my expectations on their abilities to assist me and the doctors I work for you. I was looking for a veteran owned company to support and this company is amazing. Whether you already have an online presence or need to start from scratch they can assist you and complete the project quickly. They are great at follow up communication along the way and can explain everything in layman's terms for those that are not familiar with technology. Their assistance has helped bring exposure to one of the best physicians in the area who is very passionate about helping people but, did not know how to start any marketing. Paul is great at coming up with completely custom plans and any ideas to try grow your business. You will be able to tell in the first call if his company is the right marketing team for you. Schedule a call ASAP!!!