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I'm an attorney in Detroit, Michigan, and I got to give a shout out to Paul because his team, him and his team have done so much for my marketing. I went from being the bottom of the barrel on marketing to the number one searched attorney in the Detroit metropolitan area for my practice areas. I couldn't have done it without Paul he's responsive. I hit him up at six in the morning, five in the morning, his time he always gets back with me. He does what it takes to succeed for his client. I cannot highly recommend Paul and his team.



Marko Law

Communicating the uniqueness of my medical practice has always been a challenge. Paul & Christian at Hashtag Smart Marketing have literally helped "pulled out all the stops" in order to get my message through. Now people can easily see, through a artistic combination of text & video's, exactly what I have to offer. They even helped me design my business card with a QR code that links directly to my website. Thank You Hashtag Smart Marketing!


Dr. Mark

Dr. Mark LaBeau

They were a dream to work with - created an amazing website that was exactly what I was looking for. I recommend them highly!



Nancy Beyda Midwifery