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Serving Those Who Serve Their Community

A Veteran Owned and Operated Agency

AI-Driven  Online Presence Management

As veterans, we know about service, putting in the work, and acting with honor.

Now, let us serve you and your business in a way you never expected.

Who We Serve

Our Services are not for everyone.
We specialize in helping honorable businesses within industries dominated by morally questionable corporate entities to level the playing field using cutting edge AI.
We are playing our part in building a brighter future.

Called to Serve Your Practice

Whether any of us want to admit it or not we are at war... The medical system here in the United States has been hijacked by profit-driven, pill pushing corporations and we see a clear way to get our country back on track, helping alternative medicine doctors thrive.

Luckily, we know a few things about war.

This war has been lopsided ever since the Flexner Report of 1910 which promoted a model of medical education that was narrowly focused on biomedicine. Though there are some benefits to focusing on specific biological aspects of disease and using targeted interventions to treat symptoms or disease mechanisms, it is quite evident that profit-driven motives has overtaken the altruism that once paced the medical community.

This war has raged on for decades, but recently, the tides have been turning in your favor. There is renewed optimism in the alternative medicine community, and renewed interest from the general public in a more holistic view on health. The search volume for "functional medicine" has skyrocketed over the past 15 years, and as distrust in mainstream healthcare grows, so does your opportunity to build a very successful practice.

The Time Is Now

Large pharmaceutical companies' substantial marketing budgets have always limited alternative medicine use to a small cultural subset. The overreach of federal corporate partnerships showed their hand at a very opportune time for you, and new tools have emerged to level the playing field.

Have you hard about Artificial Intelligence yet?

As with all tools, the value is determined by the person who wields it, and in our hands, its like a nuclear arsenal. Your industry thrives when educating the masses about the benefits of whole body health and solving the root causes of disease, and AI can do that in a scalable way like no tool in history.

Are you ready to fight back?
We are.

We Want to Hear Your Story!

There is no more honorable profession than being a Functional Medicine Provider! Think of how much you are impacting your local community! That story needs to be told, and we can make that a reality.
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Symbolizing the blend of military valor with a commitment to natural health practices
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Can Marketing Be Honorable?

David vs Goliath Medicine
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We believe honesty is the best policy always, so you need to know something about our history.

We have made hundreds of MILLIONS for Law Firms across the country.

And while law is an honorable professional without doubt, and we respect those we have worked with and are still working with immensely, we felt there was more we could do with our God given talents and experience. When considering how we could use our skills to positively impact the United States in a more profound way, we had a strong pull towards Naturopathic, Functional, and Alternative medicine practices.

Each of us has been through the public health system at the VA(Veterans Affairs) and we have all had life changing results going outside that system for real solutions. It amazes us that your industry has a serious identity problem holding it back, and a massive competitor not letting up.

You are a modern day David vs Goliath

We'd say there is nothing more honorable than this fight for our future.

How We Serve You


Honest Diagnosis

There is an important question we ask of potential clients. Would you choose you?

We specialize in helping our clients understand the power of differentiation. In a crowded industry like healthcare, figuring out why you are different, and perfect for them, is the first step.


Bring in the Tools

Using AI and your interview, we build a digital AI Marketing System for your practice that will benefit you for years.

We use it to build you an online organization system that will constantly update content for your website, social channels, and business listings with engaging content.


The Perfect Combo

We have an internal meeting specifically about your practice's Online Presence and what we can focus on that month to see a better ROI.

AI programs scan and analyze all the work we do to ensure every opportunity is capitalized on. Numbers don't lie, and neither do we. You'll see tangible results every month with our reporting.

Honorable Marketing


We are a team here to be your trustworthy source for online presence management.


If it is online, we can help you with it. Our staff has experience with all facets of online presence management.

marketing ammo


Marketing companies have a negative image. We intend to change that for you by operating under the same principles we learned in the military.

swords and shield


God has blessed us with the gifts needed to excel and the opportunity to bless others with them.

Christian Business


Our works speaks for itself, but its nice to hear it from others.

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Results matter, whether leading soldiers or building campaigns. We are confident you'll see results like this

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What our
clients say

We pride ourselves on
serving our Clients with
Honor and Integrity.

I'm an attorney in Detroit, Michigan, and I got to give a shout out to Paul because his team, him and his team have done so much for my marketing. I went from being the bottom of the barrel on marketing to the number one searched attorney in the Detroit metropolitan area for my practice areas. I couldn't have done it without Paul he's responsive. I hit him up at six in the morning, five in the morning, his time he always gets back with me. He does what it takes to succeed for his client. I cannot highly recommend Paul and his team.



Marko Law

Communicating the uniqueness of my medical practice has always been a challenge. Paul & Christian at Hashtag Smart Marketing have literally helped "pulled out all the stops" in order to get my message through. Now people can easily see, through a artistic combination of text & video's, exactly what I have to offer. They even helped me design my business card with a QR code that links directly to my website. Thank You Hashtag Smart Marketing!


Dr. Mark

Dr. Mark LaBeau

They were a dream to work with - created an amazing website that was exactly what I was looking for. I recommend them highly!



Nancy Beyda Midwifery

I have so many things to take care of always. So when I trusted Honorable Marketing with all my digital advertising it took a HUGE weight off my shoulders. Paul and his team have truly made life less stressful and also improved my bottom line. I would highly recommend them to any company! Huge ROI


Dr Jon

Better Health Chiropractic

Paul and Christian have completely exceeded my expectations on their abilities to assist me and the doctors I work for you. I was looking for a veteran owned company to support and this company is amazing. Whether you already have an online presence or need to start from scratch they can assist you and complete the project quickly. They are great at follow up communication along the way and can explain everything in layman's terms for those that are not familiar with technology. Their assistance has helped bring exposure to one of the best physicians in the area who is very passionate about helping people but, did not know how to start any marketing. Paul is great at coming up with completely custom plans and any ideas to try grow your business. You will be able to tell in the first call if his company is the right marketing team for you. Schedule a call ASAP!!!



Stengler Center for Integrative Medicine

Based In Greenville SC

At Honorable Marketing, our journey has been both unique and guided by faith. After an inspiring chapter in Los Angeles, we felt a divine calling to relocate our operations to Greenville, South Carolina. This beautiful city welcomed us with open arms, and we quickly recognized it as the perfect place to continue our mission of providing comprehensive online presence management services.

Here, we offer expert solutions in website design, SEO, social media management, reputation management, and more, tailored specifically to the needs of your individual business. Our veteran-owned and operated team remains committed to delivering results with honor, integrity, and unparalleled customer service.

It's more than just business for us; it's a calling, and we're thrilled to have found our new home in Greenville, where we can continue to grow, serve, and make a positive impact.

That's Our Story, now...