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We spearheaded a dynamic social media campaign that successfully doubled the center's following. Our strategy focused on engaging content that highlighted the unique benefits of integrative medicine, incorporating patient testimonials, and educational posts about the latest treatments and wellness tips. This approach not only enhanced the center’s visibility online but also fostered a community of informed and engaged followers eager to learn more about their health options.

Dr Mark Stengler
Dr Mark Stengler

We transformed The Stengler Center’s website with a comprehensive SEO strategy aimed at dominating local search results for integrative medicine. By optimizing the site's structure, improving content quality, and ensuring mobile compatibility, we enhanced the user experience and search engine visibility. This led to a significant increase in organic traffic and positioned the center as a top choice for integrative medicine in the local area, making it easier for potential patients to find and access their services.

To solidify Dr. Stengler’s reputation as the go-to integrative medicine expert in his area, we meticulously optimized his business listings across all major platforms. We implemented consistent business information and leveraged local SEO tactics to improve visibility. Additionally, we managed the center’s online reputation by encouraging positive patient reviews and promptly addressing any concerns. This strategic approach boosted his credibility and trustworthiness, attracting more patients to the clinic.

Dr Mark Stengler

Our team undertook a thorough cleanup and organization of The Stengler Center’s digital assets and streamlined their domain hosting setup. By organizing their online resources efficiently, we ensured smoother operations and enhanced security for their digital presence. This reorganization allowed for better management of their content and digital tools, which in turn supported all other marketing efforts and simplified internal processes. This foundational work was crucial for supporting the center’s broader digital marketing strategies and online functionality.

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