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What is SEO and Why Does It Matter?
Search Engine Optimization

What is SEO and Why Does It Matter?

March 22, 2024

Search Engine Optimization-- or SEO-- is a term that might sound scary at first, but is simple when you break it down. It's the process of optimizing your online content (website, blog or otherwise) for search engine algorithms like Google's. Search engine algorithms are what look at all the content on the web, and lay it out on the search engine results pages. This is where your company will get discovered, or be lost in the world of "second page and beyond." Your company's SEO efforts are what determines your SERP (search engine results page) ranking, and consequently, determines how "findable" you are online to your customers.

Still puzzled? Essentially, SEO is the process of tweaking your website, blog and other online content so that Google, Bing and other search engines will place you at the top of the search results page when customers begin searching for you online.

Basic SEO terms


Stands for Search Engine Results Page. The list of results that search engines produce and provide to the user after a search is made. Your SERP ranking is where your website/content appears on the list of results.


When one web page hyperlinks to another website; very popular in blogging and creative writing. The more backlinks your site has, the better your SERP ranking!


A word or phrase that a user enters in search. Your site and content should be optimized to attract the customers that are searching for specific keywords. E.g "best hairdresser Texas"


Data that tells the search engines what your web page/content is about. This helps the search engine algorithms know if your content relates to what the customer is searching for.

Why does SEO matter to my company?

If you're thinking "well, that doesn't matter for my company," then you're wrong! Optimizing your site and blog content with the right keywords, meta data and various other SEO factors will be extremely beneficial to your business.

If you play your SEO cards right, it will get your business found when customers ask Google and Bing about things relevant to your business. If you're a Texan hairdresser, SEO can help you be found whether local Texans are searching " (you)" or "best hairdresser Texas," and even "where should I get my haircut?"!

Here are the four biggest reasons you should care about SEO, regardless of what your business is.


If one person types in "best hairdresser in Texas" into Google, and your business is at the top, then they're probably going to click on your name. But there isn't just one person Googling that term-- there are thousands. Every person that clicks on your name from Google is another boost to your website traffic, and more potential business and profits for you! Hello SEO, hello more traffic, hello higher profits!

Providing helpful solutions for consumers

Optimizing your content for specific keywords like "hairstyle tips" or "best hair for my face shape" means that when a customer goes to Google to find answers to their questions, they'll find you. Creating a name for yourself in your industry as a helpful, informative brand will improve your reputation, and get more customers flocking your way!

SEO makes marketing easier (and cheaper)

If a user can find you at the top of Google by typing in "best hairdresser Dallas," then why would you need to invest in ad space at the top of the page? SEO is what determines where your business shows on Google, so optimizing your content for the search engines just makes sense when it comes to where you invest your marketing dollars.

Don't give business to your competitors

Still unsure why you should use SEO? Well here's a big one-- if you do not utilize SEO tactics for your company, then it's your competitors that will be found when local consumers go looking. Somebody has to be at the top page of Google, right? If you're not utilizing SEO strategies for your business, then it will be your competitors that appear when your potential customer turns to Google for guidance and responses.

Search Engine Optimization is important to consider when producing and posting any type of online content-- whether it's your company website, blog or otherwise. The better your business gets at optimizing your content for SEO, the more likely you are to be seen online, and the more business you'll have at your storefront!

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