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How to Reach Your Audience with Digital Advertising
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How to Reach Your Audience with Digital Advertising

March 22, 2024

Digital advertising comes in many different varieties, including display advertising (those web banners beside your favorite YouTube videos), sponsored ads (such as those on Google and Facebook), and obviously, search ads-- only to name a few!

So where do you begin?

While there are so many online choices to choose from, reaching your intended audience will still require a little bit of work. The good news is, using digital advertising to get your message across is easier than you think.

Choose the right platform

In 2008, only 24 percent of the United States had a social media account. Today that number has skyrocketed to 81%. While traditional mediums such as tv and newspapers still have their place, many companies are turning to digital advertising for most of their needs-- and who could blame them?

Since 2016, tech titans Google and Facebook together manage over nearly 76% of total internet revenue growth. Additionally, in the third quarter of the same year, Google and Facebook combined controlled 99% of advertising growth, with this number expected to be increasing). So why would you settle for anything but the best? Pick the right digital platforms and go where you'll be seen.

Know your audience

Knowing your target demographic is undoubtedly one of the most valuable tools in your advertising toolbox. Why? First off, not only does it give you an upper hand for reaching the most likely customers to purchase your product or service, but it also helps to select the proper platform and technology to deliver your message. But be warned. Once you have their attention, there's still a lot of work to do!

To push all the right buttons, advertisers need to know exactly what to say. Good content moves people-- and in turn, products. It keeps audiences connected, interested and returning for more!

Be original

Did you know? The average clickthrough rate of display ads across all formats is a measly 0.06%. From the moment that first browser opens in the morning until that last cat video before bed, internet users are bombarded with dozens of digital advertisements. By the time they get to work they've seen so many digital ads that they'll probably only remember a couple, if that. That's why it is crucial to have the most creative content on the web to attain that long sought after CLICK.

When YouTube stars Rhett and Link rattled funny bones as the 'Commercial Kings' in the late 2000's, they were an instant hit. Their amusing (and sometimes outrageous) videos generated millions of views for small businesses. How, you ask? By parodying corny retro-style TV ads. And while you don't have to break out into 90's jingles and phony mustaches, you can win over big crowds by being entertaining, and authentically you. So go against the grain and dare to be different!

Get interactive

As the internet continues to advance, media is consumed differently. A growing number of individuals are getting their entertainment and news from streaming options such as Netflix, Roku, Hulu and YouTube. So what does this mean for digital advertising? Interaction! Interactive ads get a higher clickthrough rate of around 6 percent, whereas most digital ads remain at a fraction of one percent.

Good advertisements tell a story that engages the audience. If you're a restaurant owner, enticing future patrons with a snappy ad no longer cuts the mustard. But when you captivate prospective buyers with an eye catching video, a funny one-liner or a captivating call to action, you give them autonomy. Do not tell customers what to think, but rather show them why purchasing your product is the best choice.

Keep it concise

Don't say too much! Short messages that pack a wallop and avoid clichés go a long way in the digital advertising world. Hook readers in with a memorable joke, a one liner, or a quick play on words.

Tug at their heartstrings

When Coca Cola released their Remove Labels campaign it gave audiences a friendly reminder not to judge someone by their appearance, but by their words. And whether your message is sensitive or amusing, at its core it should come across as genuine.

Today's audiences are smart and expect more than basic pandering. They desire engaging content that scratches beyond the surface of a product and relates to them on a meaningful level. That's why today's most unforgettable campaigns reject tradition in exchange for something more genuine.

While conventional word of mouth will always impact local business, the key is to give them something positive to discuss. The most important aspect of your digital ad campaign should be connecting with your audience. A little passion goes a long way.

Effective digital advertising tugs viewers' heartstrings and entices with wit. It takes you on an emotional roller coaster by evoking feelings of forgotten memories and nostalgia. Most importantly, whatever your approach, be sure to make an emotional connection with your audience-- leave them breathless and standing in awe, or reflective with the warm fuzzies. Make your digital ad unforgettable and enticing, and thereby your brand. Don't forget, if you believe your message is fun and entertaining, so will your audience!

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