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How to #Hashtag
Social Media Management

How to #Hashtag

March 22, 2024

How hashtags can help you reach the out-crowd and engage the in-crowd

The facts are in: if you are not using hashtags, you are missing out! With a tweet with hashtags being 33% more likely to get retweeted, these useful hashtags can make the difference between #GameOver and #Trending when it relates to social media success. Hashtags are more than just a trend, they are a means of organizing information and standing out from the crowd. Hashtags are also a way to engage with millennials where they shine brightest-- with social media savvy. With millennials beginning to surpass previous generations, speaking their language has become more important. Do not miss out on this opportunity to #GetSocial!

Hashtag basics

The hashtag (#) turns any word, or group of words, into a link that can be searched. When composing a hashtag, leave your grammar at the door-- no punctuation, no spaces! The best way to keep your message clear is to capitalize each word #LikeThis, otherwise referred to as using CamelCase. Got it? Let's proceed!

There are two ways businesses can utilize hashtags to their advantage:

  1. To reach the out-crowd by participating in a discussion that is already underway.
  2. To engage the in-crowd by starting a new conversation.

Reaching the out-crowd

As a business, using hashtags to reach potential new customers is a no-brainer. How do you do this effectively? By participating in a conversation that is already in progress! Start thinking about what words users would search when searching for a business like yours. If you don't know where to start, keep in mind the old saying, "Keep your friends close, and your competitors closer"! Follow companies that are doing similar work to you on all your favorite social media sites-- particularly those that have a great following. What hashtags are they utilizing, and how many? Remember that less is more both in scope (as hashtags that are more specific have a more engaged following) as well as in presentation (as a lot of hashtags looks inauthentic).

For example, this, "Take a bite out of our best burger today! #BurgerLover #Foodie #CheatMeal" is better than this, "Take a bite out of our best burger today! #WhatsForDinner #Foodie #EatClean #CommonTable #OnMyTable #TasteMade #ForkYea #OnTheTable #FoodStyling #BeautifulCuisines #HeresMyFood #TheArtOfSlowLiving #FreshFoods #CheatMeal #BurgerLover #Foodstagram #BurgerLife".

So, K.I.S.S.-- Keep It Simple Social-Media-User! Using hashtags by joining a pre-existing discussion takes your business and places it in front of somebody who would have never found you otherwise. That's something you can feel #Blessed about!

Engaging the in-crowd

The second way that you can utilize hashtags to grow your company is by starting a conversation with the followers that you already have by coming up with an original hashtag. Brands from Calvin Klein (#MyCalvins) to Charmin toilet paper (#TweetFromTheSeat) have managed to make original hashtags that engage their audience in a way that builds their social media momentum. Original hashtags can be used for promotions, contests, events, or general brand awareness. Just be sure that when you are coming up with an original hashtag that it is clear, straightforward, unique, and catchy. No one will want to join your conversation if it's complicated or boring.

Imagine if Coca-Cola's classic #ShareACoke hashtag was #TakeACocaColaAndGiveItToSomeoneElse-- not very cool or memorable! Original hashtags give your followers something to talk about and a way to engage with your business on a personal level.

Not all social media websites are created equal

Using hashtags is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Each network will have its unspoken rules regarding how many hashtags are acceptable. Where Instagram shows posts with approximately nine hashtags doing the best, Facebook posts get the best engagement with only one hashtag. Each social media website is unique in its function and audience, so put in the time to check out the websites you want to utilize for your company before posting.

Are you #Trending yet?

These tips and techniques for how to utilize hashtags as a business are about more than getting ahead in a technical age. Hashtags, most importantly, are about building community. By placing a basic pound sign in front of a word, you are taking that message and immediately sharing it with somebody who appreciates what you do and how you do it. This tool is a revolutionary way to make your words matter and allow them to connect with not only a new customer, but a new representative for your business. From #MotivationalMonday to #FlashbackFriday, use your new hashtagging skills to make both the in-crowd and the out-crowd your new #BFFL.

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