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5 Steps to Becoming an Instagram Sensation
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5 Steps to Becoming an Instagram Sensation

March 22, 2024

300 million-- the number of people on Instagram every single day. Businesses are taking advantage of Instagram by using it as a resource to grow recognition and increase their customer base. In fact, leading brands like Nike and National Geographic have more than 60 million Instagram followers!

So why would any company pass up this opportunity? If you're not a regular 'grammer, starting your own page (and expanding it) can be overwhelming. The success of your Instagram will be determined by how you run your account. These Instagram tips will help you gain a thriving fan following, and lead the way to sensation status.

Instagram Tips # 1: #Hashtags

Hashtags might be one of the most essential parts of gaining attraction on Instagram. Posts that have at least one hashtag have seen as much as 12.6% increased engagement. To put it simply, hashtags are a tag that helps categorize photos with the same concept or content.

In your mastery of hashtags, make sure to keep them short, simple and most importantly, relevant. For example, when posting a photo of my fancy new watch, I may use the hashtags #watch, #michaelkors and #rosegold. Short, sweet and descriptive.

If you want to connect to local 'grammers, hashtags with your location are a good idea. In addition, many businesses make their own unique hashtag and ask their followers to use it.

For instance, Coca-Cola motivates their fans to post Instagram Coke pictures with the hashtag #ShareaCoke. This can be a great marketing tool, and help define your brand online.

Another important note to remember is to not over-hashtag, as this can make your posts look spammy, and will actually attract other spam accounts.

Instagram Tips # 2: Tag a Brand

When you tag another Instagram account in your pictures, your photo will show up in the brand's " photos of you" section of their account. They will receive a notification, and with any luck, may even engage with your post! Even better, they could also start following you back, or even regram your picture!

Be sure the picture actually includes the brand, or else you can get flagged for spam. Most big brands will have an Instagram account, and chances are, they likely have an extensive list of followers themselves.

For example, a jeweler could take a photo of a piece from their latest collection, and tag the designer in the picture. Getting some exposure from a big brand can help you dramatically increase followers, and in turn, get more likes!

Instagram Tips # 3: Use Aesthetically Appealing Pictures

Although it seems obvious, this point is oh-so vital. You do not need to be a professional photographer to have a stellar collection of Instagram images, but you may need some practice. One of the most essential pieces of advice is to keep it simple. If you are including products in a picture, be sure the background is simple so that your product stands out. A cluttered picture will take away from what you are trying to promote. Sometimes, a crisp white background is the best option.

Instagram has a lot of filters to choose from, so take some time to experiment with them to see which one fits your picture best! Does your picture look best without a filter? Just leave it alone! Additionally, Instagram provides you the option to utilize their editing tools, where you can make some simple adjustments like brightening or eliminating shadows, as opposed to choosing a filter.

Take a few different photos and choose which is the most aesthetically appealing. Taking good photos might take a bit of time, but like anything, practice makes perfect. Don't give up, and you'll be taking pictures like a pro in no time!

Instagram Tips # 4: Know Your Audience

It is necessary to remember your audience and who you are targeting with your posts. What is the purpose of your Instagram page? Whether the purpose is to inform, advertise or entertain followers, you should keep that in mind with each and every image and caption. If your account is purely professional, keep it informative and concise. If you are marketing towards a younger audience and would like to keep things fun and positive, ensure the dialog matches accordingly. Try using some emojis, be goofy and have fun! Show consumers what you are passionate about, and just remember to target the people with your same interests!

Instagram Tips # 5: Ask For It

Your Instagram account is a discussion point with your consumers. A lot of followers scroll through their feed passively, and will not take any action unless it's asked of them. Give them a call to action, and ask for it! For example, Double tap if you like coffee, tag a friend that enjoys coffee, share this picture if you love coffee, click the link in our bio for free coffee, and so on (Can you tell what's on my mind right now?) If your customers indulge, this will increase your page's activity, likes, and followers.

Most importantly, do not forget to have a bit of fun! Happy 'grammin!

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