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5 Reasons SEO is Essential for Website Success
Search Engine Optimization

5 Reasons SEO is Essential for Website Success

March 22, 2024

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a term you've most likely heard before. As digital marketing continues to grow, so does the contest for internet exposure. If potential customers can not locate you online, you're losing out on a massive demographic. That's why we've narrowed down five essential reasons to use SEO.

1. Site traffic

Traffic is the most important focus of a site other than web design. Up to 64% of site traffic comes from organic search, so if you're not using SEO techniques, you're not getting found. The internet is a sea of information; it's easy for consumers to get lost and distracted. Search engines locate your website using crawlers that determine key phrases, then index them for users' organic searches. If these crawlers can't find your site, neither can potential customers. And if people do not find your site, they're not going to subscribe to your newsletter or see your sales.

2. Competitive edge

SEO isn't new. Most companies are familiar with it and its importance. It's very likely that your competitors are already using SEO, which is all the more reason for you to jump on board with a plan of your own. And if you're focusing on local SEO, the playing field is a lot smaller. Local search is becoming increasingly more important, and finding your niche can place you ahead of competitors focusing on a wider scale. Now's the time. The longer you wait, the more you risk other companies cementing their positions and keywords.

3. Better rankings

When over 70% of clicks happen on the first search results page of Google, you do not want to be past page two. That means that over 70% of users find what they're looking for on that first page, which is why you need to use SEO to get there. Using local keywords and having up to date location info are two critical steps to take to get Google to notice your site. Be aware of bounce rates, also. If your website doesn't offer a great user experience, it won't rank as well.

4. Mobile

Speaking of the user experience, one of the most important factors of site success is whether it's mobile responsive. Responsive web design keeps your HTML and also URL the same on web and mobile devices. Google prefers websites that are mobile responsive, so take that into account when forming your SEO strategy.

5. Inbound marketing leads

SEO and inbound marketing work hand in hand. And while some inbound methods call for a lot of focus, SEO requires initial setup, but can then work on its own for a while. It's an affordable approach of bringing in business. What's more, effective SEO brings consumers to you. You really can't go wrong.


You know why SEO is necessary for the success of a website and your business in general. Being found in search is one of the best ways to find new customers when they're seeking out your products or services. While SEO is increasingly important, maintaining rankings and working to constantly push out competitors is a grueling process. If you don't have time to stay updated on Google's algorithm changes, cleaning up metadata, keyword research and link building, think about outsourcing to somebody that has this as their main focus.

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