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The Honorable Story

As all great stories are, ours is filled with hardships, successes, love, and finding purpose. CEO and Founder Paul Mackiewicz took longer than most in finding his purpose in life. He spent over a year deployed in Iraq as a soldier in the US Army, tried multiple career paths in sports, retail, and small business management, eventually finding his passion serving those who serve others. We love America, and we honor the importance of small businesses and the local heroes who have dedicated their lives to serving their communities. In God we trust.

6 Facts about Honorable Marketing

We are proudly Veteran Owned

We take pride in being a veteran-owned online presence management company, bringing the same dedication, discipline, and attention to detail from our military service to our work for our clients.

We are here to use our God given talents to Serve Others

God blessed us with the skills and knowledge necessary to help you positively impact your community.

We believe in building Long-Term Relationships

When clients come to us, they are investing in a relationship that will change the future of their business.

We promise to always be Available for You

We answer all emails within 24 hours, always answer the phone, and listen to your needs.

We are committed to Action

When something needs to get done, there is nothing more frustrating than waiting. We hit deadlines and take action even when you are busy.

We ask the Right Questions

We know you are here to help your local community, but "business" gets in the way. We know the struggle and we are here to guide you to marketing excellence.

It all started in 2003

Let me tell you a story about a go getter who felt like he was going nowhere fast. This young dude dropped out of college after changing his major 4 times as a freshman. He felt uncertain about just about everything except this urge to serve people. Then 9/11 happened and, soon after, he showed up at his parents house for dinner and told them "I leave for the Army in 2 weeks." It was a decision that would change the directory of his life. He became a computer operator for field artillery in the US Army, honing his tech skills amidst the sounds of artillery shells while spending over a year in Iraq. That’s where Paul’s journey began, weaving through his country's service fabric, picking up threads of technical know-how along the way.

#Smart Marketing2019

Post-army life saw Paul wearing a variety of hats, swapping his Army beret for a Callaway cap, then a business analyst's headset, and even the hat of a GM at a sports entertainment complex. He then dabbled with entrepreneurship, bringing scooters to tourist towns throughout New Mexico. What did all these moves have in common? Love of being of service, and that finally lead him to the true American heroes—the small businesses that are the backbone of our communities.

Fast forward through years of diving deep into the digital marketing jungle, where Paul teamed up with over 500 small businesses across the US, helping them shine online. After stints as an exec in two of those INC 500 Fastest Growing Companies in the digital marketing sphere, Paul had an epiphany. The industry was like a wild west, filled with too many "Wanted" posters and not enough sheriffs.

#Smart becomes Honorable2023

The digital marketing industry (sounds gross, right?) isn't providing enough value to their clients, so we stopped. We knew that the honorable thing to do was to provide so much value that business owners wouldn't even know what hit them, and that's why we are an Online Presence Management Agency now. With that new vision in place, we had to call ourselves the only thing that seems to fit, Honorable Marketing.

Honorable Marketing


We are a team here to be your trustworthy source for online presence management.


If it is online, we can help you with it. Our staff has experience with all facets of online presence management.

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Marketing companies have a negative image. We intend to change that for you by operating under the same principles we learned in the military.

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God has blessed us with the gifts needed to excel and the opportunity to bless others with them.

Christian Business


Our works speaks for itself, but its nice to hear it from others.

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Results matter, whether leading soldiers or building campaigns. We are confident you'll see results like this

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